Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sample Invitations?

Thinking about getting into doing some wedding invitations. It's fun to design them, but I have to either fix my printer or get a new one to do more high quality card stock printing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Dress

I'm working on a cotton wedding dress right now. I made a mannequin of myself about a month or so ago, but I'm finally starting to use it. I've been doing the wedding magnets and I guess I wanted to try my hand at sewing. Watching numerous re-runs of Project Runway has nothing to do with it...
Anyways, rather than spend ridiculous amounts of my money at Joanns on organza or silk, I decided to do cotton. You've seen those Cotton ads with Zooey Deschanel and Miranda Lambert, right? You know..."the touch, the feel, the Cotton...fabric of our lives". Anyways, I LOVE those ads. I want every single dress that both of those ladies wear. Okay, that was a side note that really has nothing to do with my dress. The fabric I used is actually just a sheet (not my own. That would be odd and slightly gross), 100% cotton. This is more of a practice dress- no one's actually going to wear it.
I wanted it to have a more Grecian/toga shape but with an eye catching blue streak. It's actually pretty flattering on my flabby bod :-)

Fun with Picnik

I just signed up for a premium membership with picnik.com (I've mentioned it before) and I wanted to try some of the features. No, my eyes actually aren't green, and the weirdish yellow is one of the halloween features. Fun