Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poem- Nature Inspired?

Poem I wrote a few years ago for my senior creative writing class. We had to listen to several different movie soundtracks and write whatever came to mind. One of the songs was from the "Atonement" soundtrack, and was full of rushing piano parts that felt like you were running across the wet English countryside. This is my poem from it; the picture is what it looks like in my altered book.

The day breaks
calm, mysterious
as a sliver of gray creeps in unnoticed.
Leaves part from cautious hands,
the dewy morning staining the intrepid wanderer
Nature takes flight
as the gray commands the sky
Footsteps thunder past, the sharp
thud thud thud thud crash
as foot meets root and you sprawl,
lay on the unforgiving wooded floor
now mocking, dark and cold,
your attempts to be king.
You are small at the mercy
of the sky