Sunday, August 9, 2009

Does that make me a lesbian?

Nice title, huh? Actually, this post is mainly about my short hair, which, for some people, seems to scream "LESBIAN!" I just like funky haircuts. I have super short hair, which I wear spiked in a semi faux hawk. Its now a dark brown/black, but when this incident occurred a few weeks ago, I had blondish/brown streaks.
I was at the movies and had just gone to the bathroom. A movie had just let out so the women's stalls were filling up fast. As I opened the door to exit, I saw an older woman (maybe in her 60's) with a cane on the other side, so I held open the door for her while I was still in the restroom. She looks confused. Checks the sign on the side of the door, then looks back at me. It's time to note my clothes. I had on jean shorts (fairly androdgynous), and a slightly ruffled flower shirt (QUITE girly). Not until another girl exited the bathroom did she come in, saying to me as she passed "I wasn't sure if this was the women's or not".
Excuse me?
Come again? Did you just suggest that I look like a guy? Let's review: I have a big chest (hard to miss), I'm wearing flip flops, shorts, and a flowered shirt, and I'm standing in the women's room that has a "Ladies Restroom" sign next to it.
I'm not super insecure about my looks, but neither do I wish to be mistaken for the opposite sex. A friend once told me that he assumed that all girls with short hair were lesbian. Uh, thanks. That accounts for the lack of guys hitting on me.
What about you? Do you base your "gaydar" on a person's hair?


  1. If there are other factors, the hair seals the deal. Sorry, I know very well it's ridiculous to do that. I know I've been considered suspect because I went for several years without dating in my forties. And going through menopause makes you less feminine in some ways, at least it did with me for a while. Then my son's gf suggested I swung both ways, till I finally explained the menopause thing plus exhaustion from health problems made me less concerned with my appearance. So I know how stupid it is to judge on so little.

  2. No more than I judge a book by its cover. I've had short hair all my life.

  3. you know growing old does not mean growing up. i think elderly people use the fact that they are fragile and old as an excuse to be rude and thoughtless to other people, usually to the very people who are being nice or helpful. old lady was lucky i was not holding the door!