Monday, June 22, 2009

Bargain hunting weekend

I had a great weekend hunting for deals. I got up early on Saturday morning and hit the garage sales with two of my friends. Everyone knows that the best deals are to be had earliest in the morning, but that's not the only reason to go at 7 am. Here in Phoenix, the weather hits 95 before noon, and schlepping around in the heat isn't exactly pleasant. We got going around 9:45 and only went for about an hour and 15 minutes. We literally had sweat pouring down our necks. You know its hot when you drink two full bottles of water and still don't have to go to the bathroom.
I did buy an awesome chair for $7 from the second garage sale we saw. I was so proud of myself- I do not bargain, for two reasons. 1) I'm horrible at it, and 2) I always feel dumb paying less. I mean, prices are so dirt cheap to begin with that it seems the height of greed and ridiculousness to say "Will you take 50 cents instead of $1 for this pristine prom dress?" However, the chair was $10 and on a whim I asked if they would take $7, and they agreed. I would've payed the ten bucks. It just barely fit in the truck of my car but it looks awesome in my room- kind of old and antiquey.

From there I went to Goodwill for their 50% off everything sale, and I bought the coolest item ever- an old-fashioned phone, the ones that you wind on the side. Too cool. It's not actually that old- quite obviously made in China nostalgic piece, but it looks amazing in my room, especially since I finally put up all of my map pictures and rearranged my bookcase.

A few photos:

That's a barometer on the top of the chair. I haven't decided where to hang it yet, so for now it's hanging out on the chair.

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