Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to make a record clock

I'm not nearly old enough to have had a turntable, but, I love records. There's something very cool and retro about them. Here's a way to use records as decoration. I made two record clocks this weekend. They're cheap, fun, and can be made out of recycled materials, so you feel good about yourself as well.
Items you need for a keyboard clock

A record
(obviously. You can purchase them from Goodwill stores for about 99 cents)

Clock works
- buy a clock from Goodwill or any thrift store/garage sale, as long as you can see the clock piece in the back.

AA battery
(for the clock)

Keyboard numbers
(Again, Goodwill has computer keyboards for about $2. Use scissors or pliers to yank keys out)

Hot glue gun

gel pen

(any color but black)
mirror mounting tabs

Instructions: Dissemble the clock. This can mean anything from loosening a few screws to popping out the plastic/glass front face.
Line up the keyboard numbers around the record. 12 and 6 will go in a straight line vertical to each other, 9 and 3 in a straight horizontal line. Using the hot glue gun, glue the keys to the record. If you only have one keyboard, you won't have enough ones (1) for 12, 10, & 11. Instead, for 10 or 11, scrape off (using scissors) the letter off a separate key and write in the number using gel pen.
If the clock hands are black, you may want to paint them a different color to show up against the record. Affix two mounting tabs to the clock pieces and stick it to the back of the record, with the screw coming through the hole. Secure the clock hands to the clock, and put the battery into the back. (If the clock doesn't work, try hitting the back of the clock piece with your hand. It might just need a little jolt.


  1. lmao thats 2 funny

  2. Thanks a lot it has been a great guide, now to make a record clock is definitely simple and easy utilizing your guidance. Kudos