Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Club

One of the things I’ve been thinking of setting up for a while is a virtual book club. Or maybe, if no one is reading this, a book club of just me, lecturing to the empty internet my views on a novel. But I digress. I’ve been organizing my books over the past few weeks, and noticing that I have a lot of classics, or what have been defined as classics by people such as my 9th grade English teacher and that guy in Barnes and Noble making displays. I have a confession to make- I haven’t read a lot of the classics on my shelves. I pick them up here and there, from Goodwill and garage sales for $0.99 apiece, and then they languish on the bookshelf. It’s so snobbish of me to admit, but I like how they look. It makes me appear well read or something, not that I haven’t read many, many books. I’ve worked in a library for over 3 years- its hard not to.

So, for my “book club”, I’ll pick a classic every week, read it, and then talk about it. Bi-weekly might be the reality. I know that I can read a book in a couple of hours, but I’m a procrastinator. I’ll post the book for this week later tonight- I’m at work and as such, cannot see my actual bookcase.

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