Thursday, July 30, 2009

Excited to make paper!

So I've been doing crafts for awhile now that I've been trying to sell on Etsy with little success. I don't really care that much- I still enjoy making clocks etc. out of recycled stuff. Now, I'm not a raging environmentalist (although I am a proud owner of both "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The World Without Us", courtesy of my brother Karl) but I LOVE recycled products. I'm going to start making completely, 100% recycled notebooks.
I found a recipe on the internet yesterday that looks easy enough without having to spend a lot make the necessary tools. I already have a wooden frame and some window mesh screen, and tons of scrap paper. We don't get the newspaper at my house anymore, so I was initially wondering where to get paper from. The little lightbulb of creativity went off somewhere near my left ear (burning me in the process), but I remembered that I save all of my scrap paper from scrapbooking and I have a lot of scraps. Pays to be a pack rat sometimes.
The front and back of the books are going to be made out of record covers or old books, and the it'll all be hand sewn together courtesy of moi.

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