Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first inkling of plant life!

I have a couple of clay pots in my room that I planted with a variety of flowers a few weeks ago. There's an assortment- astors, sunflowers, wildflowers. I don't really remember. Basically the cheap ones at Target. Anyways, I got some little pots from Goodwill and some soil and threw the seeds in with the whole mix. I'm not a gardener by any means. Just because I did every single elementary science fair project on the benefits of growing lima beans in the sun vs the dark does not make me an expert on plant life. In fact, I'm pretty horrible. I constantly forgot to water them, and they hardly get any sunlight. I rarely open the shades in my bedroom because it heats it up. The last time I put my flowers in the smoldering Arizona weather, they wilted and died. So I haven't been having much luck with the plants (well, more like pots of dirt), even though some of them should've sprouted by now. Success!! Today I was reorganizing my bookshelf and noticed two tiny tiny green sprouts in my glass jar. I guess some sunlight peeked in after all. I'm excited, because they're astors, which I love. Hopefully they'll continue to grow. I also haven't killed my ivy yet, and it's still trailing down the side of my wooden bookcase, which is absolutely thrilling for a person who wishes she lived in an old brick house surrounded by trees instead of beige house in a Phoenix subdivision.

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