Friday, July 31, 2009

Overheard at the Library

I work at a public library, and for the most part, I love it. However, as with any service that's free to the public, you get some wacky stories and crazy, bat shit weirdos that come in. And that's just some of the mom's that come by every week. It's funny, because most people gripe about their co-workers. Not me- I love my co-workers and everyone get's along well. We have to, to present a united front against our patrons. Sorry, did I say against? I meant for our patrons, because, after all, we are only here to service their needs and wants and to find 50 millions things for them in the two minutes before we close. So I think I'd like to share every day just little tid-bits of the things I hear every day working in a library.

Anecdote #1:
I almost always work the afternoon shift, ending at 7 pm. From about 5-6:50 pm, our library is dead quiet. The library is in a family orientated suburb, so I imagine everyone is at home eating dinner. However, once the countdown is T-minus 10 minutes, our library is filled with squabbling, loud, and rude people. This particular woman wasn't any of the three, but she was amusing in an irritating-get-out-of-here type of way.
She rushes in at about 1 minute to closing, insisting that she's "just here to pick up her hold". Yeah right. After picking up her hold, she proceeds to me at the front desk and asks where our display of one week checkout books is. Pardon?
"one week check out", she replies. "But you don't actually have to check it out. My friend saw them here last week."
"Sorry," I say, "but we don't have any one week check outs. We have 2 and 3 weeks. Maybe she meant our new book displays".
"No, she definitely said 1 week, right near the front desk."
At this point I'm a little exasperated. I think I would know what displays we had located RIGHT WHERE I WORK EVERY DAY. I asked her what book she was looking for.
Black Dagger Brotherhood books.
I immediately know what she's talking about, and I also know we don't have any copies of that series at our branch.
-Little back story here. We have a library that's less than two miles away from us that is not affiliated with ours in any way. It's a different city library but it looks remarkably similar to ours-
Conveniently, the library down the road (which I've already suggested to her as the possible culprit of the display), has that series on hand and guess what? 1 week check outs.
After protesting for a few more moments, she finally accepts defeat and walks out, hold in hand, 5 minutes after closing.

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